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Types of Coverage

  • Full Mortality
  • Limited Risk
  • Transit
  • Herd policies
  • Special Accident
  • Loss of use (on show horses)
  • Prospective foal
  • Barrenness
  • Fertility on stallions
  • Deductible schedules
  • Colic surgery reimbursement
  • Emergency surgical reimbursement

Lines of Business


Registered cattle may be insured for terms of coverage ranging from fifteen days to twelve months. Cattle from age three months to seven years are eligible for coverage. Age exceptions can be made with additional premium.


All breeds and uses of registered horses can be insured. Cost of coverage is dependent on breed, age, use, and sex of horse.

West Nile Virus Prevention Checklist

Follow your veterinarian’s recommendations regarding vaccinating your horse against West Nile Virus.

Eliminate mosquito breeding grounds by eliminating standing water:

  • Turn over wheelbarrows & containers such as buckets
  • Keep gutters clean and free of debris
  • Mow along water sources to reduce areas where mosquitoes can hide
  • Use landscaping to eliminate standing water on your property
  • Notify local authorities of roadside ditches with drainage problems

Other simple preventative measures:

  • Avoid leaving lights on in the stable at dusk and dawn or overnight
  • Screen stable doors and use fans to circulate air
  • Inspect your property for dead blue jays, crows and other migratory wild birds. Remove any dead birds and report them immediately to the local health authorities.
  • Consult your local mosquito control authority for assessment of your property’s mosquito breeding risks.

Individual circumstances may vary and as with any health question, your veterinarian should be your primary contact. Please consult with your local veterinarian regarding West Nile Virus prevention in your area.

For online information, see the United States Department of Agriculture website at and the American Association of Equine Practitioners site at

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