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Types of Coverage

  • Full Mortality
  • Limited Risk
  • Transit
  • Herd policies
  • Special Accident
  • Loss of use (on show horses)
  • Prospective foal
  • Barrenness
  • Fertility on stallions
  • Deductible schedules
  • Colic surgery reimbursement
  • Emergency surgical reimbursement

Lines of Business


Registered cattle may be insured for terms of coverage ranging from fifteen days to twelve months. Cattle from age three months to seven years are eligible for coverage. Age exceptions can be made with additional premium.


All breeds and uses of registered horses can be insured. Cost of coverage is dependent on breed, age, use, and sex of horse.

Colic Prevention Checklist

The following checklist, as well as a recommended visit to the American Association of Equine Practitioners website (, may be of assistance in preventing colic:

  • Establish and stick to a daily routine (including feeding and exercise). Any changes to the daily routine should be made slowly.

  • Provide horses with high-quality feed, comprised primarily of roughage.

  • At least half the horse’s energy requirement should come from hay or grass.

  • Do not place hay or feed on sandy areas in the pasture. Even small amounts of sand ingested over long periods of time can cause problems.

  • Divide concentrated rations into two or more smaller feedings.

  • Begin or continue an effective de-worming program.

  • Provide exercise or turn out daily.

  • Provide fresh, clean water at all times.

  • Do not overstock pastures.

  • Check hay, bedding, pastures, and surroundings for toxic substances.

  • Maintain accurate management records.

Individual circumstances may vary and as with any health question, your veterinarian should be your primary contact. Please consult with your local veterinarian regarding an appropriate de-worming program, how to assess the symptoms of colic, and quick action requirements in the event of an emergency. For on-line information, see the American Association of Equine Practitioners site:

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