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Types of Coverage

  • Full Mortality
  • Limited Risk
  • Transit
  • Herd policies
  • Special Accident
  • Loss of use (on show horses)
  • Prospective foal
  • Barrenness
  • Fertility on stallions
  • Deductible schedules
  • Colic surgery reimbursement
  • Emergency surgical reimbursement

Lines of Business


Registered cattle may be insured for terms of coverage ranging from fifteen days to twelve months. Cattle from age three months to seven years are eligible for coverage. Age exceptions can be made with additional premium.


All breeds and uses of registered horses can be insured. Cost of coverage is dependent on breed, age, use, and sex of horse.

Bio-Security for the Farm

These tips are recommended by the Kentucky Dept. of Agriculture (, and edited by American Live Stock Insurance:

  • Restrict vehicle traffic on the farm, and direct their routes.

  • Schedule and accompany all farm visitors. Limit areas to be visited.

  • Know each visitor’s exposure to animals for the past four days.

  • Provide protective clothing and/or footwear for visitors. Footbaths optional.

  • Maintain a log of visitors and vehicles that enter the farm.

  • Wear clean, disinfected boots when visiting others’ farms and stockyards. Sanitize all equipment and trailers between visits.

  • Isolate all new animal additions by at least 300YARDS from your other animals for 21 DAYS. Test before they enter the herd. Maintain strict entry and exit sanitation for all personnel in the isolation area.

  • Do not feed ruminant animals feeds containing animal by-products.

  • Remove and promptly dispose of fallen animals. (Bury, compost, incinerate, or have removed.

  • Keep pets out of confined feeding facilities.

  • Be aware of all wildlife and pet movements, when possible.

  • Ban ALL known foreign food and food products from the farm.

  • Control rodents and flies thoroughly.

  • Report all suspicious activity and events to local authorities.

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